Mothership Alliance
Mothership Alliance
Mothership Alliance

Welcome to Mothership Alliance

Step aboard The Ark 2.0 and join the MA Family! 2 months free to vibe the tribe.

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About MA

MA is a Private Member Association, built and operated by its Members and Member Networks. Her purpose is to Unite, Support, Gestate & Birth, Heal and Prosper through Her members' Media, Missions and Marketplace creations. Together we are building our Temple and Empire, knitting Divine Design and MotherTech into our magic carpet.

Can you feel it?

We are reclaiming, restoring and creating in the new MAtricks. Are you ready to roll out on your mission, up level your MAstery & MAgic and have tools, support, unity, community and FUN? All members agree to abide by The Elohssa Covenant. Come aboard "The Ark," our virtual online vessel, to rock the boat with soul family, as we navigate these changing waves on the way to the New World ahead. 

Deep Bows

Deep Gratitude and Epic LOVE for supporting a vision and mission that will benefit so many -- including YOU! #MAlovesYOU